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Online Intro to Microblading & NanoBrow Crash Course

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Microblading Course - Microblading & NanoBrow

Hybrid Dual course covering both Nano Brows and Microblading for beginners who are looking to start practicing both techniques and would like a detailed overview of what is involved in both techniques.

  • Full Intro To Nano Brows Course ($997)
  • 120 Day Access To 90+ Hours Of Nano Brows Content ($697)
  • Downloadable Waivers And After Care Forms ($297)
  • Certification ($97)
  • List Of The Best Machines And Inks For Nano Brows ($67)
  • Live Nano Brows Demonstrations ($397)
  • Support From Shay With Any Questions You Have (Priceless)
  • Microblading videos and assignments
  • Hybrid information covering both topics
  • A business and marketing chapter ($99)
  • Patterns for Microblading and different patterns for Nano
Enroll Today And Exclusive Bonuses:
  • State and Tattooing Regulations ($47)

Includes everything that the Nano course includes and more topics like microblading, business, and marketing. Double the information covering more topics

Course Curriculum: Advanced Nano Brow Masterclass

Module 1: Course Welcome & Syllabus
- Welcome to the Academy, We're happy to have you on board!
- We're here to help!
- Welcome to the Advanced Nano Brow Course!
- Classroom Rules and Terms
- Important: Path to certification
- Obtain your blood-born pathogen License

Module 2: Art Basics and Brow Shaping Design
- What is Microblading & PMU?
- What are Nano Brows?
- Intro to the Beauty Industry
- Distinguishing your style
- Key points on ethnicity and features
- Basic rules of brow shapes
- Principles of art & design
- It's your turn to create
- Help with assignment
- Download these faces to practice
- Submit your work

Module 3: Forms & Regulations
- Consultation Forms and waivers
- Create your own waiver
- State Regulations and Requirements
- Nano Brow / Ombré brow / Aftercare Instructions
- Create your own custom aftercare form

Module 4: General Eyebrow Shaping Rules
- The Story behind makeup
- Trend VS. Classic Brow
- The golden Ratio
- Identifying brow shapes
- Why the consultation is important
- Share your thoughts

Module 5: Skin & PMU Color Theory
- Size, Depth, Consistency, and Speed of Needle all play a role in color!
- Fitzpatrick Scale
- Humanae Pantone scale Study
- Intro to LI Pigments
- The Color Wheel
- Intro to Perma Blend Pigments
- Other Ink Lines
- Removal Methods
- Mixing Colors / Color Correcting Explained

Module 6: PMU Eyebrow Mapping
- Brow Mapping method
- Key-points
- Equipment and set up for proper mapping
- Identifying hair patterns
- Creating from scratch
- Grain of face
- Asian Pattern
- The Composition of a Brow Pattern
- Nano Brow Skeleton Practice Demo
- Nano Shading
- Latex Practice Part 1
- Latex Practice Part 2
- Different brow patterns to practice
- Submit your latex practice for review

Module 7: Microblading Demo
- Latex Practice Part 1
- Latex Practice Part 2
- Microblading First Session
- The Microblading Process Steps
- Submit your Practice

Module 8: 1-2-3 Steps Nano Skeleton Practice
- Lecture Nano brow
- If you can't do it with pencil, you sure can't tattoo it with machine
- Pattern Breakdown on Paper
- Printable Pattern Breakdown (Simple Pattern)
- Breaking Down Complicated Nano Pattern
- Printable pattern from video
- Other Varieties of Printable Patterns to practice
- Submit your Nano Latex work for review

Module 9: Creating Nano Brows
- Set up: Machines and Needles (For Wired Machines)
- Brow Mapping for Nano Brow Session
- Nano Brow Demo - First Session
- Set Up and Clean up Wireless Machine
- Nano Patterns
- Nano Brow Demo Touch-up Session
- Cartridge technicalities
- Another Nano Brow Demo
- Discussion/ Virtual Meeting
- Best Machines and Inks in the market

Module 10: Marketing
- Identifying your target market
- Identifying your brand
- Social media
- Facebook and Google tools
- Creating a website
- SEO and exposure
- Guide to marketing materials
- Virtual & Physical presence
- Discuss
- Congratulations! You are now Nano Brow Certified
- Keep in Touch! Future Resources

Module 11: Business Management
- Identifying your goals
- Business value and Integrity
- Management tools
- Pricing and value
- Building a team
- Reinvesting in your business
- Continuing of Education

Module 12: Last Page
- Final Advanced Nano Project
- Essay Submission Advanced Nano Brow
- Congrats on finishing up the Online Intro to Microblading & Nano Brow Crash Course

🎓 Congratulations on embarking on your journey to becoming a certified Advanced Nano Brow Artist! 

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Online Intro to Microblading & NanoBrow Crash Course
Online Intro to Microblading & NanoBrow Crash Course Sale price$599.00