Ombre brow pixel strokes online course
Beginner Ombré Brow Class: Pixel Strokes and Shading Method

Beginner Ombré Brow Class: Pixel Strokes and Shading Method

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Beginner Ombré Brow Online Class - Pixel Strokes and Shading Method

This is the ideal course for artists looking for education in pixel strokes and shading before they learn and practice the nano brow technique.


Why We Created this Online Class: 

After years of offering nano brows and teaching this method to over 5,000 students, I learned a few things and tried... many things along the way. One thing I found myself doing is, instead of creating gradients, is creating beautiful machine strokes at the fronts, tops, and sometimes the bottom of the brow, resulting in a completely unique take on the combo brow look.

I found myself employing this approach for clients who need a solid foundation, desiring both strokes and shading. I do have more dramatic clients, but even they express a preference for incorporating strokes.

I began sharing this method on social media, and my students kept asking me to explain the technique behind my ability to seamlessly blend machine strokes with shading.

My favorite aspect of this technique is that shading is much easier to teach, and I've discovered a way to instruct my stroke method in a similar manner to the shading method. Drawing from my teaching experience, I can attest (as many other PMU trainers will) that teaching shading is significantly more straightforward.

I conducted experiments by introducing this method to my students during in-person nano brow workshops, and they seemed to grasp the technique instantly. Recognizing this, I realized I needed to share this approach with the broader community. As much as I'd like to reserve it for in-person training, I believe it's too valuable and enjoyable not to share, thus sharing this course in an online format to aid others in their growth.


What You'll Learn:

🤍 In this course, you’ll be learning how to create beautiful pixel shaded brows in the areas that are most needed for your specific client. You will learn how to add light dusts of pixel shading to your client’s brows to create a highly desirable look.

🤍 This course is ideal for artists who are transitioning to the nano brow technique. This course is also ideal for those who are already practicing ombre and nano brows but are looking to improve their skillset.

🤍 This is an extremely versatile technique that you as an artist can refer back to and build upon throughout your entire career.

🤍 The ombre brow technique that you will learn in this course is desirable for clients because it heals extremely well and is one of the easiest permanent makeup techniques as an artist: it’s truly a win-win!