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Beginner Ombré Brow Class: Pixel Strokes and Shading Method

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  • Elevate Your Brow Artistry: Master pixel strokes and shading in our online class, designed for aspiring artists eager to excel in the world of nano brows.
  • Unique Approach: Discover the captivating combo of machine strokes and shading, providing a solid foundation for both beginners and artists transitioning to nano brows.
  • Tailored Techniques: Learn to add delicate pixel shading, tailoring the method to your client's needs for an effortlessly desirable look.
  • Versatility for Career Growth: This isn't just a lesson; it's a versatile tool for ongoing skill enhancement, ideal for artists seeking career growth in ombre and nano brows.
  • Quick Healing, Exceptional Results: Delve into the desirable ombre brow technique, boasting quick healing and simplicity for a win-win for both artist and client.
  • Unlock Secrets of Success: Enroll now in our Beginner Ombré Brow Online Class and set yourself apart with brows that seamlessly blend artistry and technique in the world of permanent makeup!

Module 1: Introduction to Ombré Brows
- Welcome PMU Artists!
- Meet your Instructor
- Syllables & Core Objectives
- Ombré Kit & Practice Tools
- Classroom Rules and Terms

Module 2: Building Foundations - Basics of Drawing Brows
- Basics of drawing brows
- How to practice
- Nano Brow Alphabets
- "S" Curve Strokes
- How to map brows
- Mapping Strokes
- Submit your paper practice on Grid

Module 3: Understanding PMU Color Theory
- PMU Color Theory
- What are color CI numbers
- Color theory lecture
- Understanding how to use the Fitzpatrick Scale
- Organic, Inorganic and Hybrid Inks and Machine Strokes
- Color Line of my choice

Module 4: Professional Set-Up and Protocols
- Set-up - Clean up and waivers
- How to set up tray to practice or for a client
- How to clean up
- Consultation Forms and Waivers
- Nano Brow / Ombré brow / Aftercare Instructions

Module 5: Advancing Techniques with Silicone
- Moving onto Silicone
- How to wrap your machine
- Ball Point Pen Practice
- Line Work Practice Sheet
- Traditional Combo Brows V.S All machine Brows
- What to do for your final project
- Plain practice sheet

Module 6: Real-Life Application - How it looks on clients
- How it looks on clients
- Demo on Client
- How to do a touch-up in this style
- How it looks on another client
- Step by step cheat sheet

Module 7: Certification and Beyond
- Show us your skills for certification
- Congratulations! You passed, See you in another course!

Embark on this structured curriculum to unravel the art of Ombré Brows, gaining expertise step-by-step in each module. Elevate your PMU skills and earn your certification as you progress through this comprehensive learning journey. See you in class! 🎓✨

"I would recommend this course as a first step to anyone who wants to learn pmu brows. It’s affordable and offers a lot of useful information to get started. It’s an excellent way to prepare for an in person class. I wish I had known about this class a year ago. I took a 4 day long in person class last October with another instructor. It was a good class, but it’s just so much to learn in 4 days. I really had no idea and using the machine did not come naturally to me. I just kept practicing and took Shay’s advice to have a space setup in my home to practice. I still have a lot to learn but the improvement from this class is tremendous. I’m so glad I found this class or I likely would have given up on it."

"Shay is an incredible instructor and she is always so willing to share information and help you with any questions. I feel so much more confident in my nano brows and I have come a long way since the beginning of the course. I highly recommend this course not only because of Shay and the quality of information, but also because of the community that comes with it. I have met a lot of lovely people on Instagram because of this course and I am so thankful that Shay took the time to create it!"

"Definitely worth the time and effort to get to where I wanted to be!!! I wasn’t sure this would benefit me but this course answered so many questions! Loved it, and I recommend taking this course if your interested in switching to PMU!"

"Being new to the PMU industry this course was truly what I needed to get my wheels turning. What I loved most aside from all the materiel being extremely informative is it also encouraged me to incorporate my artistic side within this technique. I’m someone who does not want an easy pass to gain a certificate, I want to earned it throughly. This course is truly one that will challenge you to put your best foot forward, which in turn will translate you into a better PMU artist overall! I’m so thankful I chose to take this course and appreciate Shay for creating an amazing educational experience that will surely be the foundation I can now build on."

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Ombre brow pixel strokes online course
Beginner Ombré Brow Class: Pixel Strokes and Shading Method Sale price$349.00 Regular price$599.00