Henna Kit + Course: Beginner to Expert - Intro to PMU Brow Business
Henna Kit + Course: Beginner to Expert - Intro to PMU Brow Business
Henna Kit + Course: Beginner to Expert - Intro to PMU Brow Business
Henna Kit + Course: Beginner to Expert - Intro to PMU Brow Business
Henna Kit + Course: Beginner to Expert - Intro to PMU Brow Business

Henna Kit + Course: Beginner to Expert - Intro to PMU Brow Business

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Beginner to Expert - PMU BROW BUSINESS & HENNA




We recommend all artists that are brand new to PMU to take this class first before any advanced techniques.

This is mainly a business course designed for beginners wanting to enter the field of permanent makeup. Aside from teaching the business and mindset to students, this course teaches the very first skill that Shay started with which is Henna.

This service is how It all started, and it makes sense that this service grew into so much more, I'll explain why. I will give you a very common scenario about beginner PMU artists.

This scenario at one point was Shay, and so many other huge names in the industry. 

The story for many of us starts like this:

I'll use a character named Sara to narrate.

"Sara knows she's talented and passionate about beauty and PMU. She finds it interesting and knows she has great potential in the field, she sees some of her acquaintances build big careers and do well for themselves, she knows there is money and freedom down a long path. Sara wonders, how can she start?" 

At this point, no one recognizes Sara as an eyebrow artist, not even Sara herself. It's all still formulating in her head.

If she decides to take a 2-day course or even a 5 day course to offer a luxury permanent service like microblading or nano brows, how many people will trust Sara right away with their face and $500 service fee?

Maybe a few, but it won't be enough to get the ball rolling.

People give their wallets to trusted names. Sara asking for the fair price of $500 or even $250 would be the equivalent of Forever 21 selling a $500 blouse.

We all know and trust that Gucci can sell a $500 blouse because that is what we know that brand for. Same with Sara, she needs to build her brand as an amazing eyebrow artist first before jumping in and offering expensive brows.


This is exactly what this course is about, it's about getting your PMU ball rolling and helping you build your portfolio.


In this course, you will learn about:

  • Mindset and strategy to stay booked. Slow and steady always wins the race.
  • Learn about all PMU tools and certifications you need to start running a PMU business so you can navigate your business in the future and have an idea of what that will entail.
  • Step by step guide on how to create the most beautiful Henna brows that will last your clients up to 3 weeks 
  • How to get people to recognize you as the top eyebrow expert in your city, not only that but how to actually be an expert inside out.
  • Art basics about how to start thinking about faces
  • Social media and website building lessons to teach you how to present yourself online.
  • How to slowly build a PMU business that you can scale
  • 27 video, text, and assignment lessons
  • How to map eyebrows so you can start practicing your brow mapping on clients immediately, this will help you transition to permanent services much quicker.
  • How Shay manages to charge $800 per client and stays booked for months out. It's not luck or skill, it's a simple business strategy she will explain thoroughly in the course
  • Interactive homework submission so Shay can grade your mapping work and your Henna work on your clients. 
  • Certification is issued after the student demonstrates a successful henna brow service via submissions


Asides from the massive amount of information most PMU artists wish they knew in the beginning you will be getting:


  • Discussion boards to chat with other artists like yourself in the industry
  • 300 days of access
  • Lifetime subscription to valuable newsletters with information about PMU topics
  • Discount on the best Henna tools in the market


If you're a new artist and want to start with PMU, starting here is the best recommendation anyone can offer you.

If you'e not new to PMU but have a slow business and you need it to start generating enough cashflow so you can fully transition into PMU and make it your full time career then this class is also for you.

We share so much value in this course, it's easily priced at $197 (This is priceless, you are getting over 10+ years of business and PMU experience haha).

Others are charging $3500 to share these business tricks that experienced artists have come to learn, we are offering for only $197 because this information needs to be accessible and we are here to help empower artists and especially women.