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Henna Kit + Course: Beginner to Expert - Intro to PMU Brow Business

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Beginner to Expert - PMU BROW BUSINESS & HENNA


Electronics not included, for demonstration purposes only

HD Henna Brow Kit 

Transform your brow game with our exclusive HD Henna Brow Kit, meticulously crafted to elevate your eyebrow dyeing experience. This deluxe kit includes a range of premium products designed for lasting results, nourishment, and ease of application.

What's Inside:

1. Premium HD Henna (4 Colors):
- Classic Brown, Coffee, Golden Wheat, and Olive Brown
- Unique, stabilized formula for high-definition results
- Long-lasting up to 75 days on hair and 9 days on skin
- Aluminized bottle with a convenient dispenser to prevent wastage

2. Specialized Hair Serum for Brows and Lashes:
- Balanced complex of oils for growth and restoration
- Featuring burdock, alma, usma, almond, apricot, macadamia, and argan oils
- Strengthens weak hairs, prevents hair loss, and promotes growth

3. Eyebrow Primer (50ml):
- Also known as the "eyebrow degreaser"
- Cleanses hair and skin from cosmetic residues and oil
- Ensures long-lasting henna retention and uniform color fixation

4. Brow Henna Activator (20ml):
- Enhances color saturation and even dyeing
- Used instead of water to mix Premium HD Henna
- Provides extended color retention on hair and skin

5. Eyebrow Styling Soap (15g):
- Creates the laminated brow look without chemical damage
- Enriched with oat proteins for hydration and nourishment
- Adds shine without a sticky or tacky feeling

6. Eyebrow Outlining Pencil:
- Soft formula with an easy-to-apply tip
- Requires minimal pressure for precise outlining
- Includes a sharpener for consistent lines

7.  Reusable Henna Mixing Cup:
- A classic glass jar for henna mixing
- Ideal for those who prefer a stationary option
- Pro tip: Clean after each use for optimal results

8. Henna Applicator Brush:
- Small angled brush for precise application
- Reusable and washable for sustainable use

9. Stylish Wooden Tool Box:
- Real wood box for neat storage or display
- Durable and long-lasting for essential tool organization

10. Skin Color Remover:
- Gentle, skin-safe color remover
- Removes excess henna from the skin
- Pro-tip: Can brighten up a shade that may have gotten too saturated

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Mindset and strategy to stay booked. Slow and steady always wins the race.
  • Learn about all PMU tools and certifications you need to start running a PMU business so you can navigate your business in the future and have an idea of what that will entail.
  • Step by step guide on how to create the most beautiful Henna brows that will last your clients up to 3 weeks 
  • How to get people to recognize you as the top eyebrow expert in your city, not only that but how to actually be an expert inside out.
  • Art basics about how to start thinking about faces
  • Social media and website building lessons to teach you how to present yourself online.
  • How to slowly build a PMU business that you can scale
  • 27 video, text, and assignment lessons
  • How to map eyebrows so you can start practicing your brow mapping on clients immediately, this will help you transition to permanent services much quicker.
  • How Shay manages to charge $800 per client and stays booked for months out. It's not luck or skill, it's a simple business strategy she will explain thoroughly in the course
  • Interactive homework submission so Shay can grade your mapping work and your Henna work on your clients. 
  • Certification is issued after the student demonstrates a successful henna brow service via submissions

Course Curriculum: Brow Mastery

Module 1: Brow Beginnings and Foundation
- How to go from a Brow Newbie to Expert
- We're So Glad to Have You, Welcome!
- We're here to help!
- Copyright and Usage
- Welcome to the world of eyebrows!
- List of All Brow Services One Can Offer
- An overview of PMU tools
- The difference between selling $50 brows and $800 brows
- FREE PREVIEW: Licensing and Regulations to Becoming a Complete Brow Master

Module 2: Vision and Planning for Brow Excellence
- Before Anything, Your Vision Is the Key
- Vision for client
- Let’s Pause and Do the Math
- Plan a Guide for Yourself and Your Client
- People Pay For Experiences and Feelings

Module 3: The Anatomy of a Great Brow
- What makes a great brow?
- What Makes a Brow Nice? Golden Ratio?
- Trend VS. Classic Brow

Module 4: Mastering Brow Henna
- All Brow Tools Needed Setup and Unboxing
- Practice Shape Grooming
- Demonstration #1
- Brow Mapping Method
- Henna Brow Aftercare and Follow Up
- Henna Application Tips
- Your Turn to Do Some Brows!

Module 5: Building Your Brow Business
- Business Plan
- How to Price Your Henna Service
- Social Media Platforms
- If No One Saw It, It Didn’t Happen. Make Every Client Count
- Up-Sell, Up-Sell, Up-Sell!
- Do the Math and Meet Your Current Goals
- Create Bigger Future Goals and Grow after You Succeed
- Final Project to Get Certified in Henna Brows!

Module 6: Continued Support and Resources
- Continued Support and Resources

Enroll now and transform from a Brow Newbie to an Expert with our comprehensive Brow Mastery Course! 🌟🎓

Tablets and Laptops shown are not included.

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