4 Pack: Inklusive Printed Silicone Skins

4 Pack: Inklusive Printed Silicone Skins

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Practice makes perfect, but not if you're using the wrong practice sheets!

Inklusive Printed Silicone Skins are the stretchiest, most durable premium silicone skins on the market. The silky smooth texture without the powdery surface makes these skins easy to use and easy to clean.

Our printed practice sheets are made with innovative patented technology that has NEVER been used before in the history of tattooing!


This printed silicone skin is designed by Kathleen Holzgen-Smith. She included original simple flash designs that clients typically ask for. This set is designed to help you:

✍️  Practice tattooing straight, clean lines

✍️ Practice appropriate shading techniques

✍️ Get comfortable with your tattooing machine

✍️ Use a stencil without worrying about it wiping off, saving you time & frustration!


Why Inklusive?

Beauty Inkstitute was inspired to make an inclusive silicone skins (hence the name) that represents different complexions. We found that most brands only offer a light toned practice skin which seemed unfair for artists whose clientele is mostly tan or dark. With Inklusive skins, we want to help artists practice on darker skin tones and gain experience for their next client!