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Crystal Clear Tint Oxidant

Sale price$24.00

Introducing the Beauty Inkstitute's Crystal Clear Eyebrow Tinting Oxidant, now available for individual purchase! Enhance your eyebrow game like never before with our gentle, creamy formula featuring a 3% concentration. Elevate your beauty routine and achieve professional-level results with ease.

🤍 Specially designed to complement our eyebrow tinting kit: unleash the power of perfectly defined eyebrows with our Crystal Clear Eyebrow Tinting Oxidant. This standalone oxidant allows you to take full control of your eyebrow transformation journey.

🤍 Our specially formulated 3% oxidant: this product acts as a catalyst, activating the color molecules within our brow dye. This process involves gently lifting the cuticle layer of the brow hairs, enabling the dye molecules to effectively penetrate the hair cortex. The result? An impressive and vibrant color that truly stands out.

🤍 Our gentle formula: this ensures a comfortable experience, even for those with sensitive skin. The creamy consistency glides effortlessly onto your brows, providing seamless coverage and impeccable color saturation. Say goodbye to sparse or faded brows and hello to beautifully defined arches that frame your face.

🤍 Worry-free tinting with our Premium-Quality formula: we've carefully tested and selected nourishing ingredients that promote hair health and prevent both dryness and damage. Revel in the knowledge that while you're enhancing your brows, you're never damaging them.

🤍 Indulge in the convenience of the Crystal Clear Eyebrow Tinting Oxidant offered separately from the kit: whether you're replenishing your supply or simply want to experiment with new shades, this individual purchase option ensures you have everything you need to create stunning eyebrows.


Please note that this product is the Crystal Clear Eyebrow Tinting Oxidant only. This product does not include tinting shades or other kit components. Ensure you have your desired eyebrow tinting shades ready to mix with our oxidant to achieve your desired results.

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Crystal Clear Tint Oxidant
Crystal Clear Tint Oxidant Sale price$24.00