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NEW Premium Silicone Skins 3.0

Sale price$59.00

Introducing our innovative Advanced Apprentice Premium Silicone Skins 3.0! These are the perfect companion for your practice sessions. The pack includes four sheets, each sporting new and improved, high-quality designs.

We took all of your feedback and went back to the drawing board in 2023 to create a new and improved Silicone Skin 3.0. These sheets are user friendly and inclusive, featuring new designs we have never produced before.


Why We Made Them:

🤍 These newly developed designs offer a more intricate and nuanced challenge, carefully crafted to push the boundaries of your practice beyond the ordinary, helping you to master the art more efficiently.

🤍 The Silicone Skins are thicker than our previous models, providing a more robust and durable canvas for your creativity.

🤍 Each sheet is double-sided, offering a unique, dual-purpose design. One side is adorned with our new, advanced designs, while the other side remains plain. This adds an extra dimension to your practice, allowing you to switch between guided design practice and free-hand sketching, as per your needs.

🤍 We created the double sided sheet with one plain side reserved as a perfect canvas for your unique designs as an individual artist, allowing you to experiment and explore your creativity.

🤍 This is a cost-effective choice for both beginners and seasoned artists.

🤍 Our Advanced Apprentice Silicone Skins are incredibly user-friendly. They're easy to clean and reuse, perfect for long-term use, and resistant to wear and tear. 


Upgrade your practice with our Advanced Apprentice Silicone Skins and experience the difference in quality and versatility. Ignite your creativity, enhance your skill set, and take your craft to the next level.

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NEW Premium Silicone Skins 3.0
NEW Premium Silicone Skins 3.0 Sale price$59.00