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Fine Line Tattoo Course and Kit Bundle

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Fine line Beginner Class:

Embark on a guided journey to becoming a skilled tiny tattoo artist with our online class. Learn essential techniques, shading methods, and expert tips for incredible detail.

All-New 3mm Pre-Printed Silicone Skins:
Experience our revolutionary 3mm Pre-Printed Silicone Skins! Designed to enhance your tattooing skills, these skins mimic a client’s skin.

Why Choose Our Bundle:

  • Comprehensive BeautyINKstitute Tiny Tattoo Kit
  • Cutting-edge Tiny Tattoo Beginner Class
  • Innovative 3mm Pre-Printed Silicone Skins

Unleash Your Creativity:
This Tiny Tattoo Bundle offers a complete package for aspiring tattoo artists. Unleash your creativity, embark on a journey of self-expression, and elevate your tattooing skills.

Captivate Your Clients:
With the combined power of the BeautyINKstitute Tiny Tattoo Kit, the Tiny Tattoo Beginner Class, and the innovative 3mm Pre-Printed Silicone Skins, captivate your clients with breathtaking tiny tattoos.

Course Curriculum: Fine Line Mastery

Module 1: Welcome to the Tiny Tattoo World
- Welcome PMU Artists!
- Meet Your Instructor!
- We're here to help!
- Introduce Yourself, We'd Love to Meet You!
- Classroom Rules and Terms

Module 2: Essential Tattoo Tools and Unboxing Your Kit
- Tattoo tools for designing and tattooing
- Design Tools
- Design Apps
- Tattooing Tools
- Best Machines and Inks on the Market
- Needle Theory
- Copy of Tiny Tattoo Kit Unboxing and Tool Tips

Module 3: Let's Dive into Designs - Shay Alsaid's 100 Designs Flashbook
- Design First!
- Download These Designs We Created for You and Your Clients
- More Designs
- The Perfect Transfer
- Placement Demo
- Placement Theory
- Your Opinion on Design Really Matters

Module 4: Navigating the Tattooing Process
- Tattooing Process Overview
- Design Process With Client
- How to Line
- How to Shade
- Achieving Depth, Consistency, and Speed
- Types of Shading and When to Use Each
- Audio Breakdown of Design
- Healing Process
- Tray Clean-Up
- Small Numbers Tattoo Demo
- Another Tiny Tattoo Demo
- Butterfly Tattoo Demo
- Another Demonstration: Anime Eyes
- How to Submit Your Practice Work!
- How to Submit Practice Work 2
- Submit Your Practice Work!
- Legal Forms and Aftercare
- Obtain Your Blood-Born Pathogen License

Module 5: Building Your Brand - Marketing and Selling
- How to Sell It? What Will Keep Your Clients Coming Back for More?
- Leveraging Social Media
- Facebook and Google Tools
- Guide to Marketing Materials

Module 6: Earning Your Certificate - Showcase Your Skills
- How to Submit Your Final Project
- Give Us Your Best Shot! Final Project

Module 7: Farewell, Until We Meet Again
- Never Say Goodbye, Only See You Later :)

Enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a Tiny Tattoo Master! 🚀🎨

Electronics not included, for demonstration purposes only

Dive into the Creative World of Tiny Tattoos with Our Exclusive Bundle! Explore the art of tiny tattoos with our Tiny Tattoo Course and Kit Bundle, curated to ignite your artistic flair. Master the delicate art of dainty, miniature tattoos with this comprehensive package.
What's Included:
BeautyINKstitute Tiny Tattoo Kit

  • Mast Tour Y22 Wireless Tattoo Machine: Precision at your fingertips with our advanced wireless tattoo machine.
  • 80 Cartridges (20 of each): 1203RL, 1205RL, 1207RL, 1203RS - Expertly crafted for precision and professional results.
  • 100 Premium Ink Cup Holders: Elevate your workspace with quality and organization.
  • 4 Unique Tiny Tattoo Stencil Sheets: Unlock your creativity with exclusive designs tailored for tiny tattoos.
  • 2 Linework Practice Sheets: Perfect your skills with specialized practice sheets.
  • 1 oz Dynamic Ink in Triple Black: Unleash your artistry with industry-standard ink.
  • The INKlusive Variety Plain Silicone Skin Line: Immerse yourself in the realistic texture of our silicone skin line.

Tablets and Laptops shown are not included.

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Fine Line Tattoo Course and Kit Bundle
Fine Line Tattoo Course and Kit Bundle Sale price$550.00 Regular price$657.00