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AAM Presentation 2023

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In this presentation, Shay, a permanent makeup artist, talks about her experience of adding tiny tattoo services to her existing service menu. She begins by discussing the lifestyle changes and dynamics that come with offering this new service.

Shay highlights that the addition of tiny tattoo services has brought a new level of creativity and personalization to her work. She explains that unlike traditional permanent makeup, which tends to be more standardized, tiny tattoos allow her to create unique designs that reflect each client's individuality.

Shay also discusses the practical considerations of adding tiny tattoo services, such as the additional equipment and training required. She emphasizes the importance of staying up to date with the latest techniques and trends in tattooing, and the need for proper sterilization and hygiene practices.

One of the main points Shay emphasizes is the importance of client consultation when it comes to tiny tattoo services. She explains that since the tattoos are typically small and personal, it's essential to spend time discussing the client's design preferences and ideas to ensure that the final result meets their expectations.

Overall, Shay's presentation provides a valuable perspective on the lifestyle changes and creative opportunities that come with adding tiny tattoo services to a permanent makeup artist's service menu. She offers practical advice on the technical aspects of offering the service, as well as the importance of client consultation and effective marketing strategies.

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AAM Presentation 2023
AAM Presentation 2023 Sale price$0.00