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3 Pack: Xochitl Brow Strokes Printed Silicone Skins

Sale price$29.00

In the art of Nano Brows, there are four patterns every artist needs to have memorized in order to apply it to your client's face.

The four patterns are:

✔️ The classic pattern, used on most Caucasian brows

✔️ The downward pattern, used on most Asian and some Latin brows

✔️ The upward pattern, used on African American brows and can be mixed with the upward pattern

✔️ The double spin pattern is the most advanced method and can look the most realistic


You will be automatically enrolled in our mini course with your purchase of the silicone skins! This mini course will go over the application and method to effectively practice your patterns using our silicone skins.

 The patterns on our Xochitl Brow Strokes Printed Silicone Skins are illustrative and designed to allow you to see and understand the flow of the pattern. When practicing at first, they may not look realistic. But once applied properly to the brow, they blend very well. 

Every Nano brow artist uses their own patterns and creativity. Nonetheless, the four major fundamental spines and patterns are universally applied by every single nano brow pro.

To become a Nano Brow expert, you have to understand the rules so then you can break them with your creativity! 

The brow patterns are bigger than usual to help you understand it on a macro level before being able to draw it on such a micro tiny space like the brow space.

This Printed silicone skin is designed by Shay Alsaid. She included original yet simple Nano Brow stroke designs that clients typically ask for.


This nano brow pattern skin is designed to help you:

✍️ Practice tattooing straight, clean lines

✍️ Practice appropriate shading techniques

✍️ Get comfortable with your machine 

✍️ Enjoy using a stencil without worrying about it wiping off


Our Inklusive Printed Silicone Skins are the stretchiest, most durable premium silicone skins on the market. The silky smooth texture without the powdery surface makes these skins easy to use and easy to clean. Our printed practice sheets are made with innovative patented technology that has NEVER been used before in the history of tattooing! 


Why Inklusive?

Beauty Inkstitute was inspired to make an inclusive silicone skins (hence the name) that represents different complexions. We found that most brands only offer a light toned practice skin which seemed unfair for artists who's clientele is mostly tan or dark. With Inklusive skins, we want to help artists practice on darker skin tones and gain experience for their next client!


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3 Pack: Xochitl Brow Strokes Printed Silicone Skins
3 Pack: Xochitl Brow Strokes Printed Silicone Skins Sale price$29.00