Switching from microblading to Nanobrows
Convert Your Microblading Clients to Nano Brows Course

Convert Your Microblading Clients to Nano Brows Course

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For clients who love the natural hair strokes look, it's a fact that the microblading journey has to end one day due to ink migration and scar tissue build-up. As a permanent makeup artist, you have the responsibility to educate clients on this. Nano Brow education is becoming more available online now and clients will now request them. It is no longer a secret that it is the healthier longer lasting sustainable solution.

If you ask any professional PMU artist "how many times will they will microblade a client?", they will tell you a maximum of four to five times if they are a professional with care for the integrity of the client's skin. 

As we know microblading is a semi-permanent technique, it is not a permanent solution for the exact reason that it can not be performed multiple times over the span of let's say 30 years. Microblading is a solution for only 3-6 years and then touch-ups will have to be done with a machine to deposit ink and not compromise the skin.

The most common move PMU artists in the past have done is to switch the client to a combo or ombré brow which is a very valid solution but a great percentage of those clients will still rather have the natural hairstrokes.

Why not have all the tools and skills under your belt to be able to give your clients any look they desire? Whether they have scarred skin, previously done PMU, or fresh new skin, every artist should strive to be able to give their clients the desired look.

This class is not a beginner course, in this course, I will be demonstrating and teaching how I achieve machine hair hairstrokes on previously micro-bladed or tattooed brow skin. Working on scarred skin is much harder than working on virgin brows because ink implantation is different. Please pause here and be honest about your work, if you are not getting beautiful nano results on virgin skin, then this is a step you can revisit after mastering machine strokes on virgin skin.

In this class, I'll be showing a few different needle types and different ways to test which needle is going to work for different types of skins. We will be discussing ink types in regards to healing and implantation, and many different technicalities and details that play a role in pigmentation in scarred tissue.


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