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Top Fastest Growing Trend: Fine Line Tattoos

Learn the art of tiny tattoos & add this service to your menu.


PMU Online Course For Tiny Tattoos

Add A New, High-Ticket Service To Your Menu

This 100% online training will give you the skills and confidence to differentiate your services and successfully apply skills into learning fine line tattoos.

Beauty Inkstitute Founder Shay Alsaid explaining
why she created her 100% Online Tiny Tattoo Course.

Why Beauty Inkstitute?

Customer Support

1 Year Access
& Help

Upon Completion

Plans Available

Interactive Course &
Personalized Feedback

Help From
Certified Experts

Glowing Student Reviews

We successfully trained over 1,500 students online in 2021! For more student reviews & community check out our Instagram.

Sneak Peek Into The Courses

Welcome PMU Artists!

Chapter 1: Tools For Designing & Tattooing

Chapter 2: Design First! 100 Designs Flash Book 

Chapter 3: Tattooing Process

Chapter 4: How To Sell & Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

Chapter 5: Earn Your Certificate

Why Are Artists Switching to Nano?

What you receive when you purchase the PMU Tiny Tattoo Online Course:

Full Tiny Tattoo Course

1 Year Access To 30 Lessons

Flash Book With 100 Designs

Downloadable Waivers & Care Forms

Direct Feedback on Work

Support From Shay

Our Students' Favorite Beginner Kit

Our Beginner Tattoo Kit has everything a PMU Artist needs to begin their tattooing career!

What's Included:

- Mast Tour Y22 Wireless Tattoo Machine
- 80 Cartridges (20 of each)
- Ink Cup Holders
- 4 Unique Tiny Tattoo Stencil Sheets
- The INKlusive plain silicone skin line

Many students take this course prior to prepare for an in-person Nano Workshop, and some find this course to be sufficient to begin offering Nano Brows on their menu after earning their certification.

Check out instructor Shay Alsaid on IG

Accepting New Students!

Pay in 4 INTEREST-FREE installments of $62.25!  

We understand this sounds too good to be true since all Tiny Tattoo Workshops cost over $500...

but we made it our mission to make this information accessible and affordable.

We want new artists to grow their careers and level up the entire industry as a whole.

We believe every Tiny Tattoo Artist should have access to expand their craft and improve their skills at an affordable price without leaving home!

Our online courses are interactive & we provide practice feedback to all students. Because of this, we sometimes have to limit the number of students enrolled. Sign up now and save your spot! We can't wait to see you flourish as a Tiny Tattoo Artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start with no experience?

How much do the tools cost?

Can I come train in real life after my course?

How long is the Nano Brow course?

I'm not a microblading artist - can I do this?

How much can I charge once I'm certified?