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We understand the amount of time and money artists spend to learn new PMU techniques, and that learning a skill doesn't guarantee instant sales...

These two things guarantee sales:
consistent traffic and earning your clients' trust.

But it's almost impossible to get one client to pay $500 if they don't trust you yet!

How will you start building your portfolio & traffic for your business if selling one service
is so hard?

How will you have enough pictures and reviews to sell more if you can't get the ball rolling?!

We have good news!

We truly found a hack that can really turn a PMU business around! Offering Henna brows is a guaranteed power move that will help you build your Instagram following and portfolio, practice mapping, build your reputation, get better at brows, and make money all at once. Establishing yourself as an authority in your area at doing brows is key, and this kit and course will help you unlock the door to a truly profitable PMU career.

"The Beauty INKstitute Henna Course & Kit totally changed my business! I attract 5x more new clients a month and I'm finally selling my PMU high ticket services consistantly!"

Why choose our products for your clients?

They Help Grow Brow Hairs

We believe in offering and teaching services that keep the integrity of the clients skin and brow hairs. Henna is a plant powder that helps coat & nourish the clients brows and skin.

Lasts 3x Longer Than Tints

Brow tints are part developer and part dye, they can insert pigment only inside hairs and aren't meant for safely staining the skin. Henna is a natural skin stain that out performs tints.

Highest Quality & Quantity

Service over 150+ clients using the biggest henna kit on the market that includes everything you might need to create beautiful brows. (Average Henna service cost is between $85-$120). One kit can make you $18,000+.

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Meet Shay Alsaid

After being in the industry for the past 10 years, and mentoring over 1100+ students worldwide, I've noticed a pattern with why artists don't succeed in selling their brow services.

Artists struggle selling a $500 service immediatly after entering the PMU space!

So, I narrowed their struggles down to 4 main reasons it was happening. Their IG page wasn't selling, business hours weren't working, they had a hard time building a portfolio, and no support or guidance trying to build their PMU business.

I took all of that information and wanted to solve that with one simple solution: an all in one Henna Brows Course that teaches you not only how to use Henna Brows to bring in more clients and build a portfolio, but also teaching you how to structure and scale your business.

If you've been struggling to get clients with your PMU brow services, click the button below to learn how to scale your business with henna brows.

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