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Make the Switch to Nano Brows

Can you imagine being on your way down a new career path for only $87.25 per month for the next four months?

Nano Brows are the way of the future.


Nano Brow Online Course
Full Step-By-Step Training

Evolved Technology That Benefits You & Your Client

Nano Brows involve machine strokes with needles instead of manual strokes with blades. These strokes are bette than ever, proving to be easier to learn and easier to add as a new service.

Why Beauty Inkstitute?

Customer Support

1 Year Access
& Help

Upon Completion

Plans Available

Interactive Course &
Personalized Feedback

Help From
Certified Experts

Glowing Student Reviews

We successfully trained over 7,500 students online last year! For more student reviews & community check out our Instagram.

Did you know?

Over 60% of clients

benefit more from the nano brow machine strokes rather than microblading.

Machine strokes work on all skin types and cause very little trauma to the skin.

Microblading requires

touch ups every 6-8 months, while nano brows can last your clients 12-36 months between touch ups.

Most professionals

will not microblade the same skin more than 5 times due to the damage the blade causes the skin.

This makes microblading unsustainable for a client looking for permanent results.

Sneak Peek Into The Courses

Course Welcome & Syllabus

Chapter 1: Art Basics & Brow Shaping Design

Chapter 2: Forms & Regulations

Chapter 3: General Eyebrow Shaping Rules

Chapter 4: Skin & PMU Color Theory

Chapter 5: PMU Eyebrow Mapping

Chapter 6: Creating Nano Brows

Printables & 1-2-3 Steps Pencil Practice

Why Are Artists Switching to Nano?

Microblading is great for clients who need minor, semi-permanent improvements. Nano Brow is the perfect solution for:

Older Clients

Clients with
Oily Skin

of Color

Clients with Little Brow Hair

Longterm Solutions

Natural Results

Many students take this course prior to prepare for an in-person Nano Workshop, and some find this course to be sufficient to begin offering Nano Brows on their menu after earning their certification.

Meet Founder & Instructor:
Shay Alsaid


Student Success Stories

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Accepting New Students!

Sign up for only 4 payments of $87.25 and start learning Nano Brows today.

Most Nano Brow workshops cost well over $3,000... but we made it our mission to make this information accessible and affordable.

We want new artists to grow their careers and level up the entire industry as a whole. We believe every Microblading and brow artist should have access to expand their craft and improve their skills.

Sign up now and save your spot! We can't wait to see you flourish as a Nano Brow Artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start with no experience?

How much do the tools cost?

Can I come train in real life after my course?

How long is the Nano Brow course?

I'm not a microblading artist - can I do this?

How much can I charge once I'm certified?


Beauty Inkstitute Founder Shay Alsaid explains the difference between
microblading & nano brows.

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