Microblading Kit with Practice Tools

Microblading Kit with Practice Tools

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Microblading Kit that includes essential tools to last you for 30+ clients

What's included: 

3 Blade Holders and a Box of 30 Blades
2 packs of Disposable blades (5 pack)
2 Microblading Shaping Pencils 
100 Pack of Ink Holder Rings
Golden Ratio Caliper
100 Micro brushes
Mannequin Head 
2 Silicone sheet
Plastic wrap

Keep in mind this kit does not include EVERYTHING that you need for Microblading, but provides a great foundation to get started. Here is a list of miscellaneous things that aren't included in this kit but are required 


Barrier tape, or adhesive wrap cover your equipment and tools with

PMU pigments

There are many more items that you can purchase to enhance your client's experience, but these are the basics! We make sure that you start out with a strong foundation to grow as a successful Microblading artist.