Lunar Circle Club Membership

Lunar Circle Club Membership

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One of our core philosophies at the BeautyINKsitute is that we should not let our work be disconnected from the beauty of the world. Our company thrives on the beauty of the artists we train and their efforts in bringing their client's beauty and confidence. In January of this year, we started the Lunar circle club to bring all of us together as a community under the same moon that shares its beauty and energy with all of us equally.

The idea behind this club is to hold space via zoom to allow us to connect to each other from different parts of the world under the same moon, to set intentions and share our goals, dreams, and struggles and provide feminine support for one another. We feel that 2020 and technology created coldness and distance between us, but we believe it is our responsibility as a business to invent ways to connect our community together and do what we can to help our artists build relationships and not feel alone or isolated on their growth journey because on our end we see 1000's of amazing women on a similar path. With connection comes so many benefits like support, care, and inspiration.

Are you ready to Join the BeautyINKstitute exclusive club? For only $7 a month (price of a coffee cup!) we will LEVEL up your career! This PMU membership offers so many perks that will make your career experience much exciting 🤩 Meet new friends, save on all orders and LEARN LEARN LEARN!

Here is what is included once you become apart of our lunar Circle:

⭐️ 10% Off Any product using your personalized Code

⭐️ Your personalized code to share with your followers and clients

⭐️ Earn 7% Commission on any order your clients or followers make using your code

⭐️ Zoom Meetings twice a month on every full moon and new moon to set intentions and manifestations

⭐️ Network with other Lunar Circle artists and make friends in the PMU/Tattoo industry

⭐️Get Free Coaching inside zoom calls hosted by Shay Alsaid

⭐️Get Bi-weekly invites to zoom meetings

⭐️Get Invites to any real life events hosted by the BeautyINKstitute

⭐️Support/shoutouts on IG to help you get followers and support

⭐️Access to PMU engagement group to help you get more engagement on your posts

⭐️Business Coaching and motivation inside Bi-weekly Lunar Zoom meetings

⭐️Accountability partners to keep you on track with your goals

Once you subscribe, we will send you a form to fill out and then we will generate a discount code for you and your followers to use. You can start earning money monthly on all sales made by your clients or followers. This membership does cost $7, but you can make up to $500 monthly by simply sharing your code with other artists right from your phone. 

If you are ready to level up your career, for the price of a coffee cup just hit the subscribe button and we are excited to have you!! (You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours)