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Luxury Lamination Kit | 15mL 5 Piece Airtight Gold (Without course)

Sale price$250.00

Introducing our Salon-Grade Brow and Lash Lamination Kit: your ultimate solution for achieving flawless brows and enviable lashes with professional-grade care. This deluxe set combines top-tier formulas for impeccable results, rivaling those of luxury beauty services.

Immerse yourself in luxury with:

✨ Gentle Cleanser (15ml): Prepare and pamper your lashes with our gentle cleanser, ensuring optimal results before and after the lamination service.

✨ Step 1 - Perming Solution (15ml): Create stunning, long-lasting curls with our specially formulated perming solution.

✨ Step 2 - Fixation Solution (15ml): Lock in those gorgeous curls with our high-performance fixation solution, ensuring they stay perfectly in place all day long.

✨ Step 3 - Nutrition (15ml): Nourish and strengthen your lashes post-lamination for added health and vitality.

✨ Instant Access to Lamination and Tinting online course w/ certification after submitting passing work.

In addition to our premium lamination solutions, our kit includes bonus accessories to elevate your salon services:

  • Lash Glue (7ml): Ensure seamless application and long-lasting results for lash perms.
  • Three Premium Brushes: Essential tools for precise application and flawless results.
  • Three Lash Curl Pads: Achieve customized curls for every lash, enhancing the overall look and providing a luxurious experience for your clients.

All packaged in a chic, all-wooden reusable luxury box, because we believe in beauty without compromise and without waste.

Elevate your salon's lash and brow services to new heights of luxury and professionalism with our Salon-Grade Brow and Lash Lamination Kit

Brow Lamination is one of the latest trends in the beauty industry, and it's easy to see why. This semi-permanent treatment tames unruly brows, giving them a sleek, polished look that lasts for up to 8 weeks. With a simple application, beauty professionals can transform the appearance of their clients' brows, making them appear fuller, thicker, and perfectly shaped.

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Luxury Lamination Kit | 15mL 5 Piece Airtight Gold (Without course)
Luxury Lamination Kit | 15mL 5 Piece Airtight Gold (Without course) Sale price$250.00